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Crafting a solution that directly addresses a problem statement, supported by data when possible, ensures an outcome that will be both measurable and effective.
My strategic approach of defining 'the what', 'the who', and 'the why' before brainstorming 'the how' has ensured that business goals are achieved, results are quantfiable, and target customer needs are addressed.
PayPal Working Capital: Creation of Global Online Customer Experience
Role: Lead Manager, Product Strategy and Customer Experience
Problem Statement: Expand the PPWC customer experience from a US Proof of Concept Website to a Global, Full Customer Lifecycle, Online Experience 
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Program Summary:

  • Full-scale needs analysis conducted assessing product objectives, customer needs, and the current program's activity  -- consisting of data analytics, quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus group) customer research, and internal subject matter expert input.

  • Led iterative, 9-month visual design process, including in-market customer testing in US, UK, and Australia.

  • Regular stakeholder review sessions to ensure business objectives met.

  • Responsive, Global Web Experience successfully launched in May 2016.


Results Summary: The pre-design needs analysis was essential in order to keep such a large initiative on track.  That data-driven analysis, combined with the continuous reviews with internal and external customers, ensured the program being set up for short and long term success, meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

KaBOOM!: Re-build of Non-profit's Mass-Marketing Programs 
Role: Independent Consultant, Pogue Consulting Services
Problem Statement: Re-build organization's mass-marketing programs to increase their effectiveness -- primary their attractiveness to corporate sponsors. 


Program Summary:

  • Evaluated the goals/needs of the nonprofit's most important sponsors

    • Understanding their #1 priority of making community impact

  • Evaluated KaBOOM!'s corporate objectives

    • ​Rewrote mission statement planks to be more definitive and measurable

  • Evaluated objectives of mass-marketing programs

    • ​Rebuilt program mechanics to align with new measurable, mission statement

    • Subsequently, developed $1 million sponsorship model within rebuilt platform


Results Summary: This project was Exhibit A of (1) building for your target audience and (2) evaluating 'what' and 'why' you are doing something, before executing 'how' you do it.


After refining the top-level mission objectives, the execution of KaBOOM!'s programs fell naturally into place and proved most effective for their external partners and internal goals. 


Dick Clark Productions: 2007 American Music Awards
Role: Director of Marketing
Problem Statement: Develop off-air revenue opportunities and brand extensions, particularly considering the company's lack of on-air sponsorship rights (that are shared with networks and production partners)


Program Summary:

  • Evaluated current off-air properties, and developed growth strategies:

    • Upgraded Ticketing Program: Resulting in 2x Previous Year Revenue

    • Upgraded Merchandising Program: Resulting in 3x Previous Year Revenue

    • Upgaded Shoulder Programming Events - Pre-Show Red Carpet & Post Party 

      • ​Created new sponsorship opportunities

      • Created content for future programming opportunities (ie. Live Red Carpet)

  • Created company digitial strategy

    • Online microsites and Live Stream programming

    • Social Media Inclusion

  • Enhanced sponsorship Strategy

    • Emphasizing media partners to create more advertising inventory

    • Leveraged above off-air propreties, owned 100% by DCP


Results Summary: Instead of quickly jumping into solutions, my approach of properly evaluating the company's objectives and realities of its competitive landscape allowed us to achieve significant and attainable wins, without chasing low-ROI solutions.

The Washington Redskins: 2006 Marketing Expansion
Role: Senior Manager, Marketing
Problem Statement: Expand the marketing reach of the franchise to simultaneously better serve fans and corporate sponsors


Program Summary:

  • Evaluated current needs in sponsorship model:

    • Unused existing inventory -- unattractive to sponsors

    • Weak pitch for certain sponsor categories

  • Evaluated current fan needs

    • Unsaturated fan appetite

    • Lack of fan activity outside of immediate Washington DC area

  • Created multiple themed Marketing Platforms -- i.e. Redskins Beach Blitz, Redskins Health and Wellness Platform, Redskins Legacy Campaign

    • Re-purposed unused (and previously unattractive) sponsorship inventory

    • Created new sponsorship inventory -- Annual Print Publications, Regular In-Market Special Events, Online Voting Campaigns, etc.

    • New platform themes open opportunity for untapped sponsor categories


Results Summary: Evaluating both the needs of the Redskins' primary target audiences, and the realities of its existing sponsorship/marketing landscape, allowed us to create high value properties for sponsors and fans, with minimal initial investment

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